Welcome To GNUKhata

A Free and Open Source Accounting Software

It is Lightweight

It can scale upto a cloud based deployment or down to a standalone installation

It is Fast and Robust

It is based on double entry system of accounting

Its unique features including dual ledger and automated closing of books

It is developed through active participation of accountants

About GNUKhata

GNUKhata is a free and flexible software for accounting and inventory management being developed at Digital Freedom Foundation . It is a Free and Open Source Software. that supports a wide range of applications in every field of economic activity, including factory or farm-based production, point of sales accounting & inventory and work in the service sector. While it serves such traditional accounting requirements, its special feature is that it can support emerging sectors of the economy who are being required to keep audited accounts, such as self-help groups, craft producers and micro-finance groups. GNUKhata is highly customizable, given its open source nature. It can be easily transformed into Indian languages, largely unreached by existing software solutions. GNUKhata is soon to be extended to include a payroll section. We hope to take it to a stage where it can become a tool for remote banking.

News & Updates

GNUKhata version 3.5.1 released

We are pleased to bring version 3.5.1 of GNUKhata to our users. This version of GNUKhata comes with some exciting new features, some of them being much awaited and a lot of improvements over the inventory management module. This is a big step forward from the previous version that had features of basic inventory management along back up and recovery of your data in GNUKhata.

New features and improvements in GNUKhata version 3.5.1

Importing data from Tally
The much awaited feature for importing data from Tally is finally here! An option "Import From Tally" has been added in "Administration" menu that opens a wizard which helps users migrate their books of account from Tally ERP9 to GNUKhata. The wizard has detailed description explaining how one can make use of this feature. Data in tally needs to be exported in spreadsheet(xlsx) format. You can download a sample workbook here. This workbook contains data exported from Tally ERP9 right from the desktop of our Domain Expert, CA Mr. Arun Kelkar. You can use this file both as a template as well as an example which you can try with an installation of GNUKhata.

Localisation and Internationalisation
GNUKhata team desires to make the software available in as many languages as possible. Now GNUKhata can be translated into any language if translation strings are available. This version has been localised in Marathi.

Godown Wise Stock Report
Option for viewing Godown Wise Stock Report has been added. User will be presented with a checkbox for choosing Godown Wise Stock Report while entering period for stock report if godowns have been created in GNUKhata. When it is checked user can choose a godown and view stock report for that particular godown.

UI for entering godown wise stock
This version lets the user to enter Godown Wise Opening Stock while creating a product in GNUKhata to enhance the feature of Godown Wise Stock Report.

Tree view of categories
An option to view tree view of categories has been provided so that heirarchy of categories can be presented well.

Our Team

GNUKhata is being actively developed at Digital Freedom Foundation We have a vibrant and highly competent team led by Krishnakant Mane, the founder and team leader and Mr. Arun Kelkar the domain expert. Here's the list of all the team members and past contributers, just in case you need to contact them.

Our active contributers

Mr Krishnakant Mane(Founder & Project Leader) kk@dff.org.in
CA Arun Kelkar (Domain Expert) arunkelkar@dff.org.in
Mr Ishan Masdekar (Project Manager) imasdekar@dff.org.in
Mr Navin Karkera (Lead Developer) navin@dff.org.in

Abhijith Balan abhijithb21@openmailbox.org
Abhishek Alai abbhishek971@gmail.com
Ashutosh Paralikar ashutosh@thefossblog.com
Bhavesh Bawadhane bbhavesh07@gmail.com
Dinesh Sutar dinesh.sutar@openmailbox.org
Pallavi Solanki pallavis@disroot.org
Pornima Kolte pornima@openmailbox.org
Prajkta Patkar prajkta.patkar007@gmail.com
Sachin Patil sachpatil@openmailbox.org
Vaibhav Kurhe vaibspidy@openmailbox.org
Vanita Rajpurohit vanita.rajpurohit9819@gmail.com
Vinayak Kusumkar vinayakkusumkar@openmailbox.org

Nishigandha Bichkar (Tester) bichkarnishigandha@gmail.com
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil (Debian Packager) praveen@debian.org

Our past contributers

Abhijeet Mote, Aditi Patil, Akshay Puradkar, Amit Chaugule,
Ankita Shanbhag, Aparna Kokirkar, Ashwini Jogdand, Ashwini Shinde,
Avinash Pathak, Ganesh Mashram, Girish Joshi, Girish Mane, Kanchan Kayande,
Namita Dubey, Nutan Nivate, Payal Mamidwar, Poonam Dhane, Priyali Mhetre,
Radhika Vadegaonkar kulkarni, Ravindra Lakal, Rupali Markad, Sadhana Bagal,
Sayali Yawle, Snehal Nighut, Shruti Surve, Shweta Pawar, Sundeep Padmanabh,
Trupti Kini, Ujwala Pawde, Vaishali Kamble and Vishakha Divekar.


You can try GNUKhata live and take it for a testdrive before installing on your machine. Click on live demo to try it now. You can later on download to install it on your machine. Note that this is only a demo and the data you enter will be periodically removed. GNUKhata is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox and Firefox based browsers. Login credentials for default organisation DFF are :- username = admin and password = admin.


You can download the complete installer for GNUKhata version 3.5.1 from here. This installer does not need internet for installing GNUKhata and works on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 which are Long Term Support(LTS) versions. It also works on Linux Mint 18, 17.3, 17.2, 17.1 and 17. If you have a different brand of Linux you can download this installer which will require internet.

If you wish to try out the previous version of GNUKhata you can download it from here. The online installer for the same is available here.

The installers are compressed archives. You have to right click on the file you downloaded and choose "Extract Here" from the menu. This will extract the contents of the installer into a folder. Go into the folder and double click the file - "installer" to start the installation. If you need help with the installation please contact us.

Those who have installed GNUKhata version 3 or later before can download this update pack. This update contains minor enhancements and trivial bug fixes. It will require an active internet connection while GNUKhata gets updated. Extract the file and double click the "updater" file to start installation.

Those who wish to remove GNUKhata can download the uninstaller from here.

Vision and Mission

GNUKhata is a free and open source accounting software. While there are a lot of FOSS based solutions available for most activities/ tasks, we find a dirth of such free software in the financial sector. GNUKhata was initiated in 2009 with the purpose to solve this problem. The project now in it's version 3 of web based enterprise application is being used by many organizations, including International Center for free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) and Chinmaya University in Kerala, Lokayat in Pune, AMTRON in Assam, several other small and medium scale industries and chartered accountants.

Contribute To GNUKhata

If you wish to contribute to GNUKhata you can do it in following ways

Help us Help others

Join the user's mailing list here and come on board.

You can also join the developers mailing list here and discuss the development and progress of GNUKhata and suggest new features.

Participate in development

If you are a programmer then you can contribute by coding, fixing bugs or taking up other programming tasks.

Get the latest source code from Gitlab for gnukhata core containing the logic the repository is here.

Get the latest source code from Gitlab for the integrated all in one front end the repository is here.

Funders and Partners

GNUKhata team and DFF profoundly thank our funders, supporters and partners without whom this free accounting software wouldn't have reached to the level it has acheived today.

Our funders include:

International Center for Free and Open Source (ICFOSS)

ICFOSS, a Kerala state government undertaking, has been funding Digital Freedom Foundation for the development of GNUKhata.The funding has been coming since the year 2012 and continuing. It has been instrumental to put the project in a position that it is now one of the biggest Indian contribution to free software.

National Mission for Education with ICT

The said central government body funded GNUKhata between the financial year 2010-11 and 2011-12. Most of the core logic of GNUKhata version 1 & 2 and the web based frontend was developed during this period when the funding was routed through Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

National Internet Exchange of India(NIXI)

NIXI as it is popularly known has been the first funder for GNUKhata when it started in a nascent stage in an organization named Comet Media Foundation. This funding from NIXI proved to be the vital startup which was needed to boost faster and dedicated development of GNUKhata.

TechBlue Software(TBS)

TechBlue Software, the makers of Hamara Linux(a complete Indian distro) have recently funded GNUKhata particularly for the design of its web based front end and integration on Hamara Linux. Besides, the project is keenly interested in GNUKhata's accessibility as with al other software carefully chosen for the said distro. In addition, Hamara and DFF jointly aims to run courses in Free Software including GNUKhata for people with disability, especially visually disabled people.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you.

You can suggest new features, send us your feedback or also ask for any help.

You can contact the project leader directly by writing to him at kk@dff.org.in and also to our project manager at imasdekar@dff.org.in for any help or suggestion.

You can also talk to our domain expert Mr. Arun Kelkar. For any domain specific help or feature suggestion, you can write to him at arunkelkar@dff.org.in and he will be more than happy to respond.

Don't forget to join our user's mailing list here and our developer's mailing list here.